Winter can seem shorter when you practice a winter activity or sport. And these activities are always more enjoyable with the right pair of sunglasses. Whether it's cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, downhill skiing, snowboarding or any other winter activity, having the right pair of sunglasses for your sport is essential. 

Sunglasses or goggles?

When cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or hiking, everyone will have a preference between goggles or a mask. There is no better choice between the two. The most important is to cover your face with goggles or a mask for the ultimate comfort and protection for your eyes. Lightweight glasses with a good fit are recommended.

Some frames will have rubberized temples to improve grip. Others will have an elastic strap to prevent the goggles from shifting because of other clothing. Choose according to your comfort and preference.

The goggles should be the right size for downhill skiing or snowboarding. If it's too small, it will interfere with your field of vision and could be a risk for injury. It will keep falling in front of your eyes if it's too big. Winter sports glasses with good ventilation will increase visual comfort and prevent fogging.

What tints should you choose for lenses? 

The choice of tint will give you better vision depending on the sport you practice.

- Brown lenses: provide better colour contrast and allow you to perceive the unevenness of the ground better.

- Gray lenses: do not alter the colours and allow for an excellent reduction of the luminosity.

- Yellow lenses: increase the contrast considerably and let a good amount of luminosity, though. However, you should be aware that the lens may be too pale depending on the sunlight.

The following options are not negligible to increase your visual comfort:

- Polarized lenses: with technology that cuts the sun's reflection on flat surfaces, these lenses will reduce glare from the snow.

- Mirror lenses: surface treatment that cuts off light entry to the eye.

- Photochromic lenses: lenses with a tint, but this tint intensifies when exposed to UV rays.

Do you have a prescription? There are solutions.

People with vision correction will have additional choices to make. First and foremost, wearing contact lenses is a simple, comfortable and safe choice.

Some goggles allow you to wear your glasses underneath your winter sports goggles or have an adapter to insert under your goggle. 

There are many options when shopping for winter sports goggles. To make your choice easier, visit the IRIS store nearest you. Our professionals will offer you personalized service.