You are finalizing your list of items to bring on vacation hat, sunglasses, swimsuit... Have you thought about your contact lenses? If you already have 1-day lenses, you probably know that they are a must-bring if you decide to go on a trip! Or, do you usually wear reusable lenses? Here are some great reasons to switch them for 1-day lenses for the duration of your trip!

1-day lenses are by far the easiest contact lenses to maintain. The best thing about them is that you will not have to worry about their maintenance during the trip: you can just throw them out at the end of the day. Unlike contacts that are replaced every two weeks or every month, daily lenses do not require maintenance fluid. This could come in handy if you are backpacking or if you struggle to meet the liquid requirements of some airline companies. More and more, people like to travel light, and it's much easier to do so when you do not have to carry bottles filled with liquid! Cleaning liquids are also harder to conserve in tropical climates. It is best to keep them in a cool, dry place. Also, some types of contact lenses can have a UV filter! Of course, nothing replaces a good pair of sunglasses, but they still provide extra protection against the sun's harmful rays.

Another reason to choose 1-day contact lenses while traveling is that it reduces the risk of having your eyes irritated and infected due to poor maintenance of your contacts. You wouldn’t want to interrupt your vacation fun to find an optometrist due to an eye infection while abroad! By using a new pair each day, you will be sure to have clean lenses at all times. Of course, it is important to always wash your hands before putting them in your eyes!

Glasses in their case might take up some place in your luggage. Contact lenses are a good alternative. Are you a fan of cycling or hiking? By wearing contacts, you can avoid losing your glasses in the hollow of a ravine, breaking the branch of your favorite frames or even scratching the lenses of your glasses. Also, as you know, rain and glasses do not mix well. With contact lenses, you won’t have to worry about droplets or mist that might keep you from seeing the landscape around you. There is also another big advantage of 1-day lenses compared to reusable lenses: they are less expensive per unit! So, if you lose one, you won’t have to worry about it too much!

Do you spend your holidays seaside? Contact lenses are not usually recommended for swimming, but if you really have to wear them, we suggest you use 1-day lenses and throw them after your swim. Wearing swimming goggles is also recommended to prevent water from reaching your lenses.

Even if you usually wear reusable lenses, you can get 1-day lenses in small quantities for you to bring on your trip or for weekend getaways at the cottage. Before leaving, do not forget to slip your glasses in your suitcase to give your eyes a little rest during your stay! 

To find the type of lens that suits you best, make a contact lenses fitting appointment with your optometrist or optician at an IRIS store nearby!