For many of us, stepping into a new year also means a new look! Frame designs have become increasingly diverse throughout the years and seasons, and the winter of 2019 is no exception! Here are some frame trends that you will find in stores this season.

Delicate Metal Frames
The fine metal frames were present in 2018 and will still be a really important trend this year! These frames will instantly add a distinguished touch to your look. The round shape is still in, but the delicate metal frame’s shapes will be becoming more and more diverse. For example, new collections include hexagonal and oval frames. They are ideal if you want to stand out with your new glasses!

A young woman wearing Charmant_CH11466U frames
Frames: Charmant CH11466U

The Tortoise
Tortoise  and marbled fames are classics that are back again this year. The tortoise pattern imitates the scales of a turtle.In the 1920’s, they were even made of real hawksbill turtle shells! 

This pattern can usually be found in brown hues, but several other colour variants are also found in some of the new collections we’ve received, such as beige, pink and even blue. We love this Tortoise frame from the Seraphin collection!

A young man wearing Seraphin Watson frames
Frames: Seraphin Watson

A Mix of Materials and Colours
In many 2019 collections, designers clearly had fun combining materials, patterns and colours on the very same frame. For example, we see more and more hybrid frames that include a plastic front and metal branches. By combining plastic and metal, the frames become lighter and create an original and sophisticated look. We love this KLiiK frame because it is made of a daring mix of marbled plastic and coloured metal.

A young woman wearing KLiiK 610 frames
Frame: KLiiK 610

Double Bridged 
Frames with a double bridge have recently gained popularity! The aviator style is a classic model that has made a huge comeback recently. We also love that these vintage-looking frames look stunning on both men and women! In 2019, be ready to see lots of variations of the double bridge: some extravagant frames and some more discreet ones. Bridgeless frames (the ones with only the top bar) have also started to appear in the newest collections. We love this Charmant frame because it revisits the aviator model with a modern touch.

A young man wearing Charmant CH11467 frames

Frames: Charmant CH11467
Translucent Frames
The transparent frame trend is still very present this winter. These frames are magnificent because they have the power to illuminate a face without hiding it, creating a style that is both chic and subtle. These frames can be completely transparent, or in pastel shades such as pink, blue or gray. For example, this FYSH frame elegantly combines pastel pink and crystal.

A young woman wearing FYSH 3608 Frames
Frames: Fysh 3608

Are you as excited as we are about these trends? Make an appointment at an IRIS store near you to try on all these amazing styles! Our team of opticians will help you find glasses that are perfect for your style, taste and budget!