The Holiday season is approaching really quickly! This is the time of year when the weather cools down to make way for winter. If you wear glasses, you probably associate winter with the fog in your lenses when you go from outside to inside. Here are some tips to get you through the cold season and reduce the amount of fog in your glasses.

What Causes the Fogging?
The mist that forms on your lenses in the winter is created by the mixture of body heat and the cold outside. The contact between your cold glasses and the warm air caused by breathing creates condensation, which is responsible for the fogging. In fact, this vapour turns into a liquid that sticks to the lenses, and results in fogging your glasses. The opposite occurs when the mist disappears: it becomes a gas again. The effect of condensation is magnified by wearing a scarf or mask that covers the nose and mouth, and directs the heat generated by breathing towards your lenses. Glasses can also become foggy in other situations, such as near heat sources. For example, steam may form when you take cookies out of the oven, or enjoy a hot chocolate.

Use Anti-Fog Products
Did you know that there are anti-fog wipes and sprays available on the market? They can be applied to your lenses before going out in the cold, to help reduce fogging. However, these products may be less effective in extreme cold conditions.

Choose Your Glasses With Care
Before picking a new frame, make sure it does not place the lenses too close to your face when you wear them. Thus, the air will circulate better between your lenses and your face, reducing the fogging. For example, check if the lenses touch your cheeks. A good fit will also ensure that the frame is not too close to your face.

Wear Contact Lenses
Is there a foolproof solution to fogging? It would seem that the best option is to avoid glasses in cold temperatures, especially if you are used to wearing contact lenses. When spending a day outside in the winter or playing outdoor sports, swap your glasses with contact lenses. You will also avoid damaging your frame and lenses in the event of an accident.

Would you like to buy anti-fog products or try contact lenses? Make an appointment at your nearest IRIS store. Our professionals will help you find the best solution to avoid the fog caused by the cold.