Back-to-school is often synonymous with new glasses! When choosing a child's frame, several factors must be considered, such as the durability, comfort and colour. The most important thing, of course, is that the frame pleases your child so that they want to wear it. If you don’t know where to start, here are some eyewear trends that will be popular among kids this season and that will inspire you. 

Geometric Shapes
This fall, geometric shapes are in the spotlight for children's eyewear collections! We first find the classic round shape, which is perfect for small faces. For example, this Superflex frame will highlight your child's fine features. The Superflex Kids frames all have inserted springs that make them durable, flexible and almost unbreakable! New funky shapes are also found in children's collections this season, like hexagonal. Isn’t that cool? This type of shape is as pretty for sunglasses as it is in prescription glasses.

Bright Colours
Bright colours are essential for children's collections! To create new frames this fall, designers were inspired by the colours that are in trending at the moment, such as pastels and translucent shades. The brightly coloured glasses are also very present this year. They instantly give radiance to the face! Finally, we see more and more sporty looks with a touch of bright colour in many frames!

Two little boys are wearing glasses

Patterns and prints are really present in 2019, both in adult and children collections. Stripes, flowers, dots ... different types of patterns are important! We love this Vera Bradley frame, which combines a dark blue front with flower-print branches. The frames of this collection stand out for their unique and colourful prints. The creators have even taken the care to include patterns inside the branches of some of their frames!

‘’Small Adult" Styles
This fall, the designers were inspired by the best-selling frames from the adult collections. They simply created them in smaller versions for kids to wear. Thus, children can have the same glasses as Dad or Mom. For example, the new collections include frames with more subdued, softer colours, as well as double-bridge frames! Plastic has always been popular with children, but more often now we see metal frames in many children collections. For example, this Ray-Ban aviator-style frame is perfect for future pilots!

Two little girls are wearing glasses

Did you know that our glasses include our No Matter What Guarantee? The frame and lenses can be replaced in case of an accident, no matter what the reason. To help your child pick their new glasses, visit us at an IRIS store near you. We have so many amazing new collections this year, the choice will not be easy!