CooperVision and sustainability

CooperVision's philosophy: "Good for the planet, good for business."


CooperVision strives to minimize its environmental impact and operate more sustainably because it's the right thing to do for its employees, customers, business, and planet. From production improvements designed to conserve water to recycling nearly 100% of the plastics used in production, CooperVision prioritizes environmentally-friendly practices in four key areas: water and energy conservation, recycling and people.



Water is a vital resource. By continually reducing their overall consumption, increasing reuse and recycling efforts, and making better use of collected rainwater, CooperVision conserves millions of gallons/litres of water each year. This benefits the company and the protection of local water supplies in the communities where they operate.



CooperVision is always looking for new ways to save energy by reducing their consumption and using clean energy resources wherever they can. They also help others benefit from their experience, sharing best practices with their partners, community, and other like-minded businesses.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

CooperVision is continually evolving processes to use less and recycle more of the materials needed to manufacture and distribute their products. The progress made so far is promising, and CooperVision will continue to do everything in its power to reduce its environmental impact further.



Empowering People

CooperVision is fortunate to have great people in their organization who care about what they do and want to make a lasting difference. That's why they empower and support their employees to make environmentally friendly choices.