Exercise is known to help keep us fit, boost our energy, improve our mood and contributes to a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that it could also benefit your eyes? That’s right! All that hard work squatting, lunging and doing push-ups will help maintain your eye health.

Developing a training routine is a great habit to take up!  A good diet and regular physical activity can help avoid obesity, as well as reduce your risk of diseases such as high-blood pressure and diabetes, both of which can seriously affect your eyes. 

Are you wondering how exercise specifically affects your eyes? Here’s how:
- It increases blood flow and circulation to the eyes which helps flush out toxins, this is especially important to reduce the risks of cataracts
- Exercising can lower the pressure to the retina caused by glaucoma
- Exercise keeps our eyes young, delaying the damages caused by age-related macular degeneration 

Woman on the beach with sunglasses Maui Jim Honi
Sunglasses : Maui Jim Honi

Prioritizing physical activity can be a challenge when you are juggling a demanding work schedule, ambitious family activities and overall hectic everyday life. The key is to remember all of the benefits exercise will provide you. Pick an activity you love like jogging, cycling or hiking. Still need a little more motivation we suggest trying the buddy system for that added encouragement. It is crucial to stay motivated and to keep your eye on the prize, which in this case is a healthy. So, set realistic goals for yourself in order to remain motivated. 

If you really cannot manage a 30-minute workout or even brisk walk for a minimum of 4 days per week, then try giving the following a try:
- Instead of taking the elevator at work, challenge yourself to take the stairs
- Rather than sending your colleague an email, walk to their desk to speak with them directly
-Do squats while brushing your teeth or doing the dishes
- While binge watching your favourite TV show, why not do a few sets of lunges
- Think about your core! This can be done anywhere, at work, on public transportation, during dinner…Simply sit up straight while flexing your abs muscles
- It’s ok to break up a workout during your day! So, 10 minutes in the morning, at lunch and in the evening will provide you with the required 30 minutes for your day. 

Fitness, a healthy diet combined with a yearly eye exam, will definitely provide your eyes with the care they need, plus your overall health will benefit! 

Challenge is on!