Whether in the playground or at home, an accident can happen at any time! Since the eyes of our little ones, like ours, are very fragile, they are prone to injury. The cornea is sensitive and can get scratched by sand, dust, sharp objects, or even a nail. Among the types of eye emergencies that are commonly seen in children are infections such as conjunctivitis, which are particularly contagious.

How to spot an eye emergency?

Symptoms of eye emergencies include pain or tingling sensations, double vision, loss of vision and sensitivity to light. Also pay attention to the abnormal signs related to your child's eyes. For example, red or swollen eyes and the presence of secretions or blood may indicate an eye problem.

What to do in the event of an eye emergency?

Your first reflex should be to consult an Optometrist. In most cases, it will not be necessary to bring your child to the hospital and wait for long hours. Did you know that the majority of eye emergencies can be treated by in-store Optometrists? They are able to diagnose and treat multiple emergencies. For example, Optometrists can prescribe ocular antibiotics and antiviral medication, as well as remove a foreign object that would be trapped in the eye. If the condition is more severe, the Optometrist can refer or direct you quickly to the right place.

First Aid

Children's eyes can come into contact with chemicals that can be irritating. For example, sunscreen may get into your child's eye while you apply it. In case of contact with an irritant, rinse your child’s eyes immediately for fifteen minutes, then make sure he or she is seen by an Optometrist to make sure that the eye has not been damaged. 

If a small particle gets in your child's eye and is visible, rinse it with water. If you don’t see it or if it’s sunken behind the eye, see an Optometrist as quickly as possible so that the eye doctor can remove it safely.

In all eye emergency cases, remind your child not to rub their eyes, to avoid worsening the situation by irritating the eye further. To avoid emergencies, prevention is the key. Remind your child to be careful, especially with sharp objects and projectiles.

If your child has symptoms of an eye emergency, contact an eye care professional at your nearest IRIS store as soon as possible. The faster an emergency is dealt with, the shorter the recovery time!