Our glasses follow us almost everywhere. From fingerprints to small dust particles, a lot of dirt accumulates on the lenses of our glasses. Whether you wait until you can barely see through dirty lenses or you're cleaning them every hour, do you know how to clean your eyeglasses properly? We tell you the best way to clean eyeglasses!

Home remedy to clean eyeglasses: the steps to follow

The first step may not seem like a big deal, but make sure you clean your hands properly. This step is simply to avoid getting debris, grease or dirt on your glasses. Once your hands are clean, you can then rinse the glasses with warm water. Make sure the water temperature is not too hot, as it could damage the filters on your lenses! These steps are designed to remove any residue that may leave micro-scratches or scratches on your lenses.

So, what to use to clean your glasses? When you are sure everything is removed, rub a small amount of non-abrasive dishwashing liquid with your fingers. A good thorough cleaning of your glasses includes:

  • both sides of the lenses,
  • nose pads,
  • the temples behind your ears.

When your glasses have received the luxury treatment, all that remains is to rinse with water at room temperature.

Finally, wipe the lenses and frame with a clean, lint-free cotton cloth. For a bit of extra, you can finish with a dry microfiber cloth.

There are also lens cleaning sprays available in our IRIS stores.

Good habits to adopt to take care of your glasses

Knowing how to clean your glasses properly is one thing, but knowing what to do to ensure that the lenses stay in good condition as long as possible is another. For those times when your glasses are not in front of your eyes, make sure they are always placed upside down with the arms open to avoid dropping them on the lenses.

While it may be convenient to wear your glasses on your head when you don't need them, avoid doing so. Instead, carry a hard case in which to store your glasses, and you'll be sure not to bend your temples.

Note that tissues, napkins and dish towels may seem soft enough, but they can damage your lenses. The same goes for using window cleaners, vinegar, and bleach because they damage your glasses' protective layer or anti-reflective coating. 

If you are often on the go, there are cleaning solutions available in travel size. Simply blow on your glasses to remove any debris, then use the product and clean them with a microfiber cloth. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to dry wipe your lenses as you may scratch them.

Even by practicing all these good habits, your glasses will still need an adjustment. An appointment with an optician will allow you to regain optimal comfort with your frame. If, by misfortune, an accident occurs, IRIS will repair or replace damaged frames within the first year following the purchase. An unconditional guarantee that allows you to see with a clear head!