While you’re getting organized for summer activities, we want you to remember two little things - your eyes. 


We are all craving fresh air and sunshine this year more than ever. Gardening, walking, running, cycling, swimming or whatever activities you choose, you want to make the most of the outdoors this summer.  That’s why we’ve put together these tips to help you avoid eye issues and keep those precious orbs safe and healthy throughout the season.



We can’t say this often enough! Your eyes need protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. When you invest in good-quality well-fitting sunglasses, they shield your eyes and the delicate surrounding skin. When you wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection you reduce your risk of eye conditions, like age-related macular degeneration. 


Avoid using sunscreen close to the eyes, especially when you are active. The combination of perspiration with sunscreen is a recipe for stinging watery eyes. 


Choose sunglasses that fit the activity. Sport sun goggles with 100% UV protection may be an option for you.  They include a stretchy strap to hold them securely in place.  Something else to consider; different lens colours can increase contrast, improve depth perception and reduce glare.  Green, grey, amber lenses are more than a fashion statement.  Your eye care professional can help you find the perfect sunglasses for your activities.


Bike riding is exhilarating! A great cardio workout and the wind in your face.  Choose sunglasses with a good wrap to avoid the wind drying your eyes, as well road grit and flying things. If you wear a cycling helmet with a visor, be sure to wear your sunglasses too for UV protection.



Suffering from seasonal allergies and teary, itchy eyes is not practical when you want to paddle your kayak!  Speak to your pharmacist for over-the-counter allergy medicine.  Ideally, a non-drowsy product unless you are planning for extra hammock time.  These antihistamines help relieve the symptoms so you can go out and enjoy the beautiful weather.



 Swimming is a great activity because it reduces stress and impact on the joints while providing natural resistance and cardio.  Goggles are recommended to protect your eyes as well as allowing you to see clearly underwater. Chlorinated water can dry out your eyes, making them red and irritated and can even cause bacterial or viral infections like conjunctivitis. The same goes for lake and ocean swimming where dirt, sand, and bacteria can affect your eyes.  


Stay Hydrated!

Drinking water when you are active is important for your whole body, including your eyes! Dehydration can lead to eye issues like dry eyes and eye strain. Grab extra H2O as you head out for activities to stay refreshed and hydrated throughout your day.


Pesky Bugs!

As great as summer can be, it is also the season of mosquitos, black flies and other annoying pests.  Insect repellents are needed to avoid bites but the application should be done with caution, even if you are using natural solutions. Close your eyes when applying and avoid getting insect repellents into your eyes. If that happens, rinse your eyes thoroughly with water or artificial tears as soon as possible. If you develop an irritation, contact your eye care professional right away!


Enjoy your summer and keep your eyes safe!