It's often challenging to choose glasses from the multitude of frames available. Whether it's time for a new pair of glasses or your first-time wearing them, it can be challenging to determine which frame shape will work best for you.

If you need a new pair of glasses but don't know which frame to choose, your face shape is an excellent place to start.

If you have an oval face

Oval faces fit most frame shapes. This type of face has higher, slightly wider cheekbones and a somewhat narrower forehead. This elongated, rounded face shape allows you to adapt to almost any style, especially wide or oversized frames.

With an oval face shape, feel free to go bold with a square, tortoiseshell or rectangular frame and with colour, texture and shape. The possibilities are endless! The only advice is to avoid narrow frames, which may unnecessarily elongate your face.


If you have a square face

Many eyewear shapes are suitable for square faces. This face often has sharp, angular features and marks a clean, straight line from forehead to jaw.

In terms of proportion, square faces are wider at the jaw and forehead. Since a strong jaw defines this shape, glasses placed high on the nose add length that flatters this type of face. Choose a rounded frame rather than an angular one to emphasize your strongest features. A round or oval frame softens and contrasts your angular features, making your face stand out.


If you have a round face

Round faces have gentle curves and harmonious lines about the same width from the jaw to the eyebrow. The cheeks are usually full, and the rounded chin has little angle. Unlike other face shapes, round faces are often easily distinguished by curves.

When choosing glasses for round faces, the most important thing to remember is to select frames that add angles. Bold, angular glasses with clean lines look great on them.


If you have a heart-shaped face

Many types of eyeglasses suit heart-shaped faces. These are wider in the forehead, with a narrow chin and high cheekbones. This is the most versatile face shape.

Heart-shaped faces look great with cat-eye or butterfly frames that flare out slightly further than their foreheads and frames with rounded bases to balance and complement their features. 


If you have a triangle face?

Triangle faces have a wide, square jawline, but unlike square faces, they usually have a narrow forehead.

Wider frames are ideal for this type of face, as they give the illusion of a wider upper face. To add width to a narrow forehead, try frames heavily accented with colour and detail at the top. This will highlight the lower third of your face beautifully and add balance to your look.

No matter what your face shape, there is a frame for you! Did you know that IRIS offers custom-made glasses that you can try on virtually? Make an appointment today with your IRIS optician. To make an appointment: