This fall, eyewear designers added a new wave of unique features to their frame collections. Among them are geometric shapes such as hexagons and circles with top pointed edges. Here are three good reasons to consider adopting this trend for your next pair of glasses.

1. Highlight the Shape of Your Face

Geometric shapes will accentuate your personality. Do you have a square-shaped face? A geometric-shaped frame will add angles to your face, which can be very flattering. If your face is round, they can create angles to define it.

A woman is wearing Seraphin Gramercy glasses and a man is wearing Seraphin Langford glasses

Glasses: Seraphin Gramercy and Seraphin Langford

By the way, do you know the shape of your face? Based on its shape, find the ideal frame shape for you.

2. Change Your Look

Geometric frames are different from the trends we’ve seen in the last few years and will give you a style that is far from ordinary. This fall, dare to break the rules and trade in your classic rectangular frame for a geometric one! We love the WOOW frame in the main image of this article, which combines angular circles with a double bridge.

3. Bring an Original Touch to Your Outfit

As you know, glasses are one of the best fashion accessories. Like jewellery, they enhance an outfit and highlight your personality. Do you want to stand out with an unusual accessory? Geometric-shaped glasses are perfect! This trend is also breathtaking as sunglasses. We are crushing on these cat-eye Michael Kors sunglasses, which definitely won’t go unnoticed!

A young woman is wearing Michael Kors MK 3025 prescription glasses

Glasses: Michael Kors 3025

Want to try on this fall trend? Visit us at an IRIS store near you. We will help you find a frame that suits your style and the shape of your face.