In February of 2021, Duane Salmon celebrated his 5th year of working at IRIS! If you are a patient at IRIS in West Vancouver on Marine Drive, you might already know him because he is the store manager. We took this opportunity to ask him a few questions about his professional path to get to know him better!

Duane’s passion for the optical field started when he was just 12. His family had a contact lens manufacturing business. Plus, when he later met his wife, his father-in-law was an optician; his career was meant to be! He explains, “I wanted to forge my own path. That’s why I decided to become an optician and a contact lens fitter. l was licensed in 1991, and as my skills and confidence grew over time, I have become what I am today – a very happy man!”

Believe it or not, Duane is known by his coworkers for his dancing skills! He can often be seen dancing and goofing around in the store. Duane is also known to almost always have
chocolate milk with his lunch!  If his family had to describe him in a short phrase, it would be
“Always moving forward”


In his free time, Duane loves to get lost in the outdoors. He does a lot of mountain biking, kayaking, trail running and forest therapy. He also volunteers at a remote First Nation community in the Bella Bella region from time to time. Duane works with other professionals to provide vision clinics for the community. He is also involved in an organization that is building trails on the North Shore of Vancouver.

When asked about his choice of working at IRIS, Duane answers that he wanted to work for a company that had access to the latest technologies in the field of vision, and he now feels like he is part of a big family.We feel fortunate to have been able to have Duane as part of our family since 2016! From all the members of our large network and family, we wish to say congratulations on your 5 years of service! Cheers to many more years of dancing in the store and drinking chocolate milk with you, Duane!