Across the IRIS network, it is not uncommon for our patients to call us because they would like an optometrist to examine one of their eyes which may be suffering due to the consequences of a small accident. If you are having an eye emergency, it may be better to consult your IRIS optometrist rather than to wait long hours at the walk-in clinic. Your optometrist is the doctor for your eyes. He or she can advise you and prescribe a treatment in order for your eye and your vision to return to normal. Here are some accidents that can affect your eyes and our best suggestions on how to prevent them:

-Sports (skiing, football, soccer, hiking in the forest, tennis, cycling, etc.)
Speed ​​sports or contact sports can be a risk for the eyes. If you get hit in the eye, do not wait too long before making an appointment with your optometrist. If you ride a bike or practise any speed sport, we suggest you always wear a good pair of sports sunglasses to prevent debris or insects from entering your eyes while you travel at high speeds.

We strongly advise you to wear sunglasses when you do your gardening, to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, but also to protect your eyes from the soil, leaves and even from plant stakes that could touch your eyes.

-Working Around the House
If you are renovating or doing at home maintenance, please wear safety glasses. A piece of wood, a staple, a nail or even a burst of glass can do a lot of damage to your eyes. Whether or not you are a pro-handyman, caution is always in order.

-At Work
It goes without saying that if you work in an industrial workplace, you must respect the safety rules issued by your union and your employer.

-Car Accident
During road accidents, debris may come in contact with your eyes. Sometimes the debris can come from the damaged automobile or even from objects that were in the front compartment of the vehicle. To protect your eyes, make sure there are not too many objects on the dashboard as well as in the front of the car. If you receive an object in the eye during a car accident, consult your optometrist within 24 to 48 hours.

-Mowing the Lawn
This type of accident unfortunately happens frequently and can be very damaging for your eyes. At the speed at which the propellers of your land mower and weed eater turn, if an object is thrown into your eye by either, the damage can be considerable. Do not take a chance and always wear your safety glasses when mowing your lawn.

Debris from fireworks explosion can enter your eyes while you watch them. They slowly float in the air as you have your eyes turned to the sky, so they may fall into your eyes. To minimize your chances of this happening, be sure to watch the fireworks at a safe distance.

-Other Preventable Accidents
Patients often come to see us because they accidentally poked their eye with their finger. You read correctly: one of their very own fingers. Avoid putting your fingers in your eyes while someone gesticulates near you. Also, avoid pointing at something while you are near another person's face. If they turn around, they may get your finger in the eye. It is also not uncommon to see people accidentally hitting their eyes against a cabinet or a piece furniture. Another classic accident happens when you walk in the forest: do not forget to hold the branches so that the person behind you is not whipped in the face by them.

What to do if a foreign object enters your eye?
Rinse with plenty of water and try to get the object out of your eye yourself. If you are unable to take it out or if the pain persists, make an appointment with your optometrist.

The majority of these accidents could be avoided by wearing a pair of safety glasses or sunglasses. Do not forget that our team members are there for you should you need an emergency consultation. Do not hesitate to call the nearest IRIS store so we can help you relieve your pain.