My name is Pierre Desrosiers. I am an editor and contributor for the Le Cahier blog and father of Camille Dg, who has been an IRIS Ambassador for many years. In February 2019, I teamed up with IRIS and their partner CooperVision to do a contact lens trial. Here is my review of CooperVision’s Clariti 1 day multifocal lenses.

I have been a contact lens wearer for at least 30 years now and before trying this product, I had been wearing monovision contacts for about ten years. For me, wearing contact lenses has always been and still is a source of comfort and pleasure. I wear them for an average of 12 hours per day. I particularly like contact lenses for the freedom and the stable peripheral vision that they provide me. They are especially practical while practising sports and for outdoor activities. In the winter, I appreciate not having fogged up glasses.

My Experience With Monovision Contact Lenses
Since I only have minor signs of myopia and presbyopia and did not necessarily want to wear corrective reading glasses that can easily be misplaced, my optometrist suggested monovision contact lenses. He told me that there would be a period of adaptation and that my brain would naturally adapt to my new lenses and, before I knew it, I would quickly be able to perform my regular daily activities. He was right! In my case, the adaptation period was very quick so much so that my right eye, dominant, was chosen to correct the nearsightedness while my left eye allowed for near vision while reading and working at my computer without having to wear reading glasses. On the other hand, since monovision contact lenses remain a compromise (a combination of vision at a distance and near vision), I have to say that for certain occasions and particularly for driving at night, I did prefer wearing prescription glasses.

Pierre Desrosiers is seen having breakfast with his Coopervision Clariti 1 day multifocal contacts' box. There is also another image that shows Dre Joelle Chabot and Pierre during his contact lens fitting

My Multifocal Contact Lens Trial
Dr. Joëlle Chabot, optometrist at IRIS Boucherville was very surprised that despite my adaptation, I had continued, to this day, to wear monovision contact lenses given the evolution of contact lens products in recent years and the benefits of multifocal contact lenses.

After examining my eyes, Dr. Chabot suggested that I try multifocal contact lenses because she thought they would better suit my needs for both distant vision and reading. She advised me that there would probably be a period of adaptation since I needed to familiarize myself with this new type of lens. Multifocal lenses have several points of focus, just like bifocal or progressive glasses. In addition, Dr. Chabot recommended that I wear these lenses because of the silicone hydrogel material that allows for a more comfortable experience. She explained that it would also be healthier for my eyes since they will now be able to “breathe” better: 100% of the oxygen is now going to be absorbed by the cornea, helping to maintain good eye health.

After a few days of testing and successful adaptation, I found that multifocal lenses offered close-up, near and far distance vision. I was delighted with this contact lens change because they were very comfortable and allowed me to see at a distance and up close, thanks to the multiple points of focus. My new CooperVision Clariti 1 day multifocal contacts provide me with a more balanced vision in both eyes and a better depth of field.

In conclusion, I am very satisfied with both the product and the quality of professional care provided by Dr. Chabot of IRIS Boucherville.

Pierre Desrosiers

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