When choosing your glasses or sunglasses, the frame is as essential as that of the lenses. Don't choose a shape just because it is trendy. Here are our 5 failsafe tips that will help you choose the best eyewear!

# 1 - Choose the right glasses for better visual comfort

Before talking about style, let's talk about your visual comfort. How do you choose comfortable eyewear? Several things should be considered so that you don't experience eyestrain at the end of the day.

  • Your eyes must be positioned in the centre of the lenses: For your field of vision to be optimal, make sure your pupils are in the centre of the lenses.
  • Your eyebrows and the edge of the frame: Your eyebrows shouldn't be hidden behind your glasses or be visible in the lenses.
  • Choose a frame adapted to your face shape: Begin by putting on the glasses and smiling. The bottom of the frame should not touch your cheekbones, and your eyelashes should not be in contact with the lenses.

How do you choose the right pair of glasses? IRIS now offers a face-scanning service so that you get accurate and unique measurements. We know that choosing your eyewear is an important step, so to help you, make an appointment with one of our opticians.

# 2 - Choose a frame compatible with your corrective lenses

Certain corrections can influence the choice of frames:

  • Mild myopia: all types of frames adapt to lenses.
  • High myopia: plastic frames can hide the thickness of the lenses.
  • Severe hyperopia: fairly large frames with aspherical lenses limit the magnifying effect.
  • Presbyopia with progressive lenses: the ideal frames should be of a minimum height.

To help you choose your eyewear, feel free to ask one of our opticians for advice in one of our stores.

# 3 - Take into account the shape of your face to choose the shape of the frame

Every face is unique! However, there are 7 types of face shapes to help you choose the most suitable pair of glasses for yours. To begin, take a picture of yourself. Then trace the outline of your face and choose the one that most closely resembles your face from among the following shapes: square, round, oval, triangular, heart-shaped or diamond-shaped.

Frames for a square face

Choose frames with slightly rounded shapes and thin enough to harmonize with the straight lines of your face.

Frames for a round face

Highlight the curves of your face with frames with bold lines: rectangular, vintage or D-shaped.

Frames for an oval face

You are spoiled! All types of frames will suit your face shape!

Frames for a triangular face

Don't hesitate to try designs that emphasize the brow bone that are slightly wider than your chin.

Frames for a heart-shaped face

Choose frames that are slightly wider than your forehead. Rectangular, D or oval shapes will enhance your appearance.

Frames for a diamond-shaped face

Choose frames a little wider than your cheekbones and with curved lines: D-shaped or cat's eye, for example.

# 4 - Choose the material that best suits your look and your lifestyle

To help you choose your ideal frame, here is some info on the types of materials:

Plastic frames

Solid and comfortable, they are ideal for athletes.

Metal frames

Elegant and resistant, they are lightweight while being shock-resistant.

Titanium frames

These are light and flexible and are a good option for working in workshops, for example.

Acetate frames

Resistant and trendy, these have a seductive, trendy style.

# 5 - Choose your eyewear to suit your activities

There are many lens treatment solutions to help you when doing activities:

  • Lenses with a blue light filter are particularly popular with people who spend a lot of time in front of screens.
  • For nighttime drivers, anti-reflective lenses, sometimes referred to as anti-glare lenses, reduce the blinding effects created by light sources.
  • There are also photochromic lenses that help protect your eyes from sunlight. The lenses become tinted when in contact with UV rays. They are particularly popular with people who move from indoors to outdoors frequently.

Now, are you ready to find your perfect pair of glasses? Remember to choose a pair that you feel comfortable with. And always prioritize quality to ensure your eyes are comfortable.