You wear monthly contact lenses, but you keep forgetting the date you actually opened up the pack?

You are considering switching over to monthlies, but you know yourself too well, so you concluded that you don't trust your memory enough to remember to change them?

Following the recommended wear and replacement plan for your contacts is crucial to maintain good eye health. But, no worries, we're here for you! Here are 10 ways to never forget this important task:

  1. Keep a Post-it where you stow and clean your contact lenses. If you always do it in the same place, a visual reminder is (almost) always effective!
  2. Add a recurring event in your phone's calendar, and set one or multiple reminders that day so you don't forget!
  3. Add it in your computer's calendar. If you use your computer daily, a push notification is right what you need to remind you of small forgettable things.
  4. Write it down on a wall calendar. The good old wall calendar never fails! Make sure it's in a visible area of your home that you'll see every day. And use it for other reminders too, so you're more likely to check it often.
  5. Send yourself a text message on the right day. With free apps like Do It Later on Google Play, or SMS Scheduler - Auto Reminder on the App Store (and there are plenty more apps available!) you can schedule text messages in advance to remind yourself to change your contact lenses.
  6. Use a date on which you already take care of monthly tasks. Is there a day where you typically pay monthly bills, clean the top of your furniture, or run those errands that you don't need to run often? Book a day or an evening every 30/31 days and add the change of your contact lenses to the list of tasks to tackle that day!
  7. Write the date that they need to be changed directly on your contact lens case. If you read it every time you handle your case, you might remember to do it when the time comes!
  8. Ask your virtual assistant to remind you. Whether you use Google, Alexa, Siri or any other virtual assistant, ask them to send you a reminder on that day! Make it a recurring reminder, or set multiple reminders in advance.
  9. Ask a friend to text you every month on the right date. We all have a friend with an incredible memory. They never forget to take the trash out, are never behind on bills and keep telling you stories you completely forgot. If that friend is willing to help keep your eyes healthy, why not ask them for a monthly reminder.
  10. Use a combination of those methods! That's definitely the best way to deal with persistent forgetful cases. If that sounds like you, don't hesitate to literally spam yourself with different reminders throughout the day so your eyes remain healthy and happy!

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