Makeup is part of many women’s beauty routine but, unfortunately, makeup does affect your eyes. To make sure that your makeup does not become a nuisance for your eyes, it is important to choose the right mascara and it is absolutely vital that you take some time to remove all your makeup before going to bed.

Choosing the right mascara
In order to maintain good visual health, we suggest that you use a mascara that is gentle on your eyes. If your eyes sometimes look like they are a little red at the end of the day, you might want to use a mascara that uses 100% natural and non-chemical ingredients. During your next visit to the pharmacy, ask the cosmetologist about the options that are available to you. It is wrongly believed that this type of products is inaccessible, truth is, the vast majority of pharmacies offer natural cosmetics at prices that compare to non-natural products.

If you notice that you lose a lot of eyelashes while you remove your makeup or throughout the day, our best advice would be to use a mascara which has a moisturizing agent to strengthen fragile or damaged lashes. Also, try to avoid waterproof mascaras. These are more difficult to remove and may be the cause for your loss of eyelashes. To prevent your eyelashes from falling out, you can also try to remove your makeup in the most delicate way possible and to avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands. This might seem logical, but the more we rub our eyes, the more our eyelashes become fragile and fall!

If in doubt, you can always seek advice from your local optometrist during your next visit at IRIS.


Makeup removal
It is known that removing your makeup can have a great impact on the health of your eyes. It is therefore important to remove makeup every night before going to bed to prevent particles of makeup from falling into your eyes. This step is also particularly important for the health of your eyelashes which protect your eyes. When we do not remove our mascara during the night, it's sort of like preventing them from sleeping: eyelashes coated with makeup cannot regenerate and risk falling out. Makeup removal at the end of a day is therefore an important moment for the preservation of your eyes!

Removing makeup carefully, is good, but you still must do it every night, no exception. Our best technique to remove makeup efficiently, would be to soak a soft cotton pad or washable cleansing wipe, applying it to your eyes and leaving the product on your lashes for ten seconds before attempting to remove the mascara. Then, apply a slight pressure with your fingertips before sliding gently towards the outside of your eye. Be careful not to bring the mascara back inside! And, our golden rule for make-up removal is the following: always use adequate products and never attempt to remove your mascara by rubbing your eyes or removing it with your nails! Doing this might cause the black particles of mascara to fall inside your eyes and will weaken your eyelashes. 

If you notice that your eyes are dry, reddish or that your lashes are falling out more frequently, do not hesitate to speak with a medical professional at your nearest IRIS store. They are the experts who can give you advice that is adapted to your situation. They know your eyes better than anyone!