The snow season is back! Many people take the opportunity to spend time in nature and to practice winter sports. Although it may seem like we see the sun a little less during spring. However, UV rays are as present as they are during the summer and even more so because of the snow! Here are three good reasons to consider prescription sunglasses for your next winter vacation.

Protect yourself from the cold

The main use of sunglasses is, of course, to protect your eyes from the sun. But did you know that they can also protect you from the cold? They protect your eyes by preventing the wind from reaching the fragile skin around the eyes, the face being particularly sensitive to the cold. The wind can be particularly violent when practicing activities that make us gain speed, such as board sports. To protect yourself from the wind in the best possible way, choose large, shapely glasses with wide branches. They will perfectly cover your face.

Protect your eyes from the reflections of UV rays on the snow

It is very common, we often forget to wear our sunglasses during the winter. However, they are just as important as in the summer! Protecting your eyes from UV rays reduces the risk of many eye diseases, such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Wearing glasses with polarized lenses is the best way to protect your eyes in winter. This type of lens blocks the rays reflected on water, but also on snow. Polarized sunglasses also reduce glare from the sun. When solar radiation is reflected off snow, it can be particularly dangerous while driving and practicing winter sports.

Improve your vision

To avoid accidents while practicing winter sports, it is essential to see properly around you! Prescription sunglasses will not only help you avoid being dazzled by the sun, but also allow you to see more accurately in the distance. Choosing the right glasses and frames according to your hobbies is important. Whether you ski, snowboard or skate, you will be able to see the landscape around you more clearly. So you can practice your favorite activities in complete safety!

By wearing prescription sunglasses during your winter season, you will be sure to protect your eyes from both the harmful rays of the sun and the cold. It's also a way to make your outings more enjoyable while improving your vision. Prescription sunglasses can be personalized just for you, using lenses adapted to your favourite activities. Come see us at your nearest IRIS store! Our specialists will help you choose the perfect pair of sunglasses for all your activities.