It is well known that walking benefits our physical and mental health. Walking is an activity that is accessible to everyone. It is an entirely natural remedy and an anti-stress and anti-anxiety agent.

But did you know that its benefits increase tenfold when it is practiced in nature? Indeed, hiking surrounded by greenery combines the benefits of walking and the virtues of nature. Here are the benefits of walking in the forest to the body and mind.

Walking in the forest makes you happier than walking in the city.

It has been shown that nature has a positive effect on our minds. It acts as a valve for our emotions. In this sense, walking reduces aggressive and depressive states more markedly when practiced in nature! It allows a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol and an increase in the happiness hormone, serotonin. Breathing the fresh and pure air of the forest invigorates the whole body, including the mind!

Hiking in nature is a complete physical exercise. 

Walking for only 30 minutes, 5 times a week, is an effective way to keep yourself in shape. It improves your immune, cardiovascular and respiratory functions. Walking in nature also promotes good circulation and, by the same token, oxygenation of the entire body.

Lungs, brain, heart, muscles, joints, tendons: the body parts stimulated by a good walk are numerous. Hiking uses our stabilizing muscles, especially when practiced on uneven terrains, such as on a trail through the forest and mountains. In addition, certain molecules secreted by the trees would even help lower blood pressure!

Walking in nature helps with creativity and inspiration!  

If you are feeling uninspired, know that there is nothing like nature to stimulate creativity. Need to compose a text, paint a canvas or solve a complex problem? Go for a walk on a wooded trail, take in the scenery and take a deep breath. You'll come out more inspired than ever, promise!